Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Fever Culprit

I just came back from a 2-day leave. Amber had fever again when I came home last Monday. I suspect that it might be UTI or some bacterial infection.

We brought her to a Pediatrician in a hospital near us. Doc said it can be viral and prescribed Immunosin and told us to strengthen Amber’s resistance by giving her a double dose of Vitamin C and increase her fluid intake, preferably fresh fruit juices.

Before I even asked, she already made a request for Urinalysis.

Hmp, medyo naimbyerna pa ko kasi she made a comment, which I find offensive, about Amber still wearing a diaper, eh she's almost 3 na daw. 

We left her clinic after she put a weewee bag on Amber and we stayed in the car while we wait for Amber to pee. Just in time for us to be able to listen to the radio for CJ Corona’s statement as he took the witness stand.

The chief justice’s statement has concluded but no pee is showing just yet. Amber almost finished a bottle of water and a bottle of milk pero wala pa rin si weewee. Hay, we spent 3 hours in the car waiting for Amber to pee but the wee bag remained dry.

When it started to get dark, the Hubby decided for us to go home first and just bring the specimen back to the hospital’s lab later. Anyway, it’s only a 30-minute drive away.

We were about to have our dinner when the much awaited urine made its appearance.  Ang ganda ng timing di ba?! We rushed to FEUNRMF Hospital to submit the urine sample.

The next day, the Hubby got the results.  My nurse SIL said that it is UTI based on the PUS present in the urine. I had this feeling since the first fever last week that it might be UTI. Mother’s instinct probably.

We will bring the urinalysis result to the Pedia on Saturday so she can prescribe what antibiotic to give Amber. Meanwhile, we will have her drink cranberry juice. My other SIL always suffers from UTI and she said that cranberry helps relieves the pain and clears the infection (?). So we're going to give it a try pending Doc's prescription. 


  1. Yes, sis, Cranberry helps.
    When Khan had UTI, yun din pinainom sa knya. At in fairness, it works talga :)
    Amber can also drink buko juice as an alternative.

    1. she doesn't like buko juice that much. sana nga yun na lang no? mas mura pa. haha!


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