Monday, May 07, 2012

Back to Square One!

My creative juice is running dry!

I can’t think of ways how to make Amber drink her vitamins. She needs to take it 3-months continuously pa naman as advised by her Pedia.

Last week, she didn’t drink the “juice” I prepared for her. We can’t give it to her directly because she’ll only throw it up so I tried to camouflage it with juice drinks. I have tried several juice flavors but now, she won’t take any of it. She preferred drinking water than juice. She would do everything just to avoid drinking juice.

I wouldn’t risk mixing it with her milk because I’m 100% sure she’ll get to taste the vitamins and will refuse to drink it. Baka mamaya, madamay pa ang milk sa mga ayaw na nya inumin.

She hasn’t taken her vits for a week now. I’m so worried.

The first few weeks she drank her “juice”, we have noticed the improvement in her appetite, as in she’d always ask for something to eat. Now, her appetite is dwindling again.

Voicing Amber's latest favorite phrase, “What to do?!? What to do?!”.

Ang hirap!


  1. Haven't encountered this yet kasi Akira loves her vitamins and hindi pa sha nagsaswawa. But if all else fails, lalo na sa antibiotics na ayaw niyang inumin before, dinadaan ko sa sapilitan. You know, pinch her nose and hug her tight sabay subo ng vitamins by hook or by crook. :(

    1. waaahhh! i hope it would work on amber too -- the pinching of the nose. kaso hindi namin mahahawakan yung nose so sobrang iwas nya. as in ibabaon nya yung face nya sa pillow o kaya sa shoulder namin para hindi namin mahawakan ang face nya. grabe, ilang weeks na sha walang iniinom na vitamins. :(


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