Thursday, May 24, 2012

100% Natural

I placed an order on Human Heart Nature's website on Friday. And on Saturday, I received this:

They have a very nice packaging.

Bilis no? Sana all deliveries from online purchases are this fast!

So, what have I ordered? Some pang-kikay items that I’ve heard good words from in the net. *grin*

Although I suck at product reviews, I’ll give feedback on how they’ll work on me after 2 weeks of using them. I hope they already have effects on me by that time. Anyways, these are only my initial reaction the first time I used them...

Hydrating Facial Wash
I’m struggling with the scent. Hindi talaga sha mabango. I don’t know if it should be good and if it’s an indication of its being 100% natural pero I have to hold my breath while washing so I would not smell it. Also, I don’t feel my face is squeaky clean after, maybe because it leaves moisture siguro. Anyhow, I hope it will give out a good effect naman so I’ll still give it a try.  

Moisturizing Night Cream
It’s not sticky. It’s easy to apply kasi parang water yung consistency nya. But you can feel its effect on your skin. Parang nagta-tighten yung face ko. I just hope it would not cause me breakouts. Yan ang dilemma ko sa fez ko eh. Pag nilagyan ng moisturizing cream, nagpi-pimples, pag hindi naman, mashadong dry. Hay buhay!

Isa pa pala, I want to use it because I haven’t been using any night creams since Amber was born. She snuggles with me at bedtime so I’m afraid that the chemical would cause harm to her. Good thing that HHN products are organic and 100% chemical free. At least, I won’t be worried even if Amber showers me with kisses while I have it on.

Sunflower Beauty Oil
For the longest time, I’ve been using Kojic soap to tame my pimplets. It works but lately, I noticed that my skin gets dry. I don’t think sunflower oil can help me rid of my pimples but hopefully, it can help lighten the marks those so-kaka pimples left.

I’m so excited on its long term effects. Sana lang I will be able to religiously follow this regimen.

And oh! Human Heart Nature has this loyalty reward program pa pala. J

One more thing, I only paid a total of P394 for these, shipment charge of P45 included!


  1. Ang ganda nga ng packaging nila. Hay.. Wait ko muna review mo bago ko itry. Right now makiki-agaw muna ako sa soap at shampoo ni Akira :)

    1. naku sis, mukhang matatagalan nag review. kasi hindi ko magamit ng derecho, nakakalimutan ko mag-apply. hehehe! bad! hopefully this week...


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