Monday, May 28, 2012

Father’s Authority

Maybe children really know that fathers are really the authority in every home. I have to start getting used to that as well.

Yesterday, Amber climbed up the dining table. I asked her nicely to go down, she just ignored me. I begged her, she just smiled at me. I used my growling voice at her, she thought I was playing with her. But when Daddy, just one time, told her to go down, she immediately obliged.

There were several instances and it really puzzled me because the Hubby seldom gets mad at Amber. Between us, he is the kunsintidor-parent but when he speaks, Amber seems to always listen. Ako, wala lang. I just get a smile. L

I complained to the Hubby about this. Objectively, he said that it only shows that Amber is closer to me because he also notices that I am who she seeks for when she needs to be comforted.

Bigla ako nag-isip... nagmuni-muni...

Oo nga ano?!

When she heard thunder, even if she was beside Daddy, she hurried to me and sat on my lap.

When Daddy gets mad at her, she goes to me and tells me that Daddy is mad at her.

When she cries or is upset, I hear that she calls out for me even if everyone in the household is at her sight.

When she is sick, she only wants Mommy to hold and carry her.

Ay, bigla naman ako naluha. Hehe!

Indeed, each parent has their own roles in their children’s life.

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  1. Korek ka jan. Si Akira isang twag lng ng daddy niya, nanginginig na :)


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