Monday, May 07, 2012

Weekend Movies: The Avengers & The Vow

The last time I went to a movie theater was to watch Captain America. I had no plans of seeing The Avengers in the theater as I am living up to my being a pirata. Hehe! But after hearing so many good feedback about the movie, I decided to agree with the Hubby to watch the much awaited film and not to wait for torrents anymore.

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Since I’ve taken a silent oath not to give any spoilers anymore, although it’s pointless since I’m sure almost everyone has already watched it, I’ll just comment on how my experience having a date with Nick Fury, the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Loki went. ^_^

It was FUN! It’s totally hilarious!

I now have a soft spot for the Hulk after seeing this movie. For a big fellow that he is, he is such a darling!

It reminded us to watch Thor’s movie, which never appealed to us, but we thought of seeing because we honestly don’t know much about him and his brother, Loki.

By the way, if you have watched each of the Avengers characters' movie, you will see bits and pieces of the other characters in their individual films, like how Capt. America’s shield was used by Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. etc, etc... Just an observation. ;-\

Thumbs up to The Avengers! I really enjoyed it!


Come Sunday evening, I felt like watching a movie but the Hubby was so busy tinkering the sound system of his car so I decided to watch The Vow alone since he isn’t really into romantic movies anyways.

So kaka! It was a wrong idea to watch it at night. Gumising ako kanina na maga ang mata! I’ve shed too many tears for that movie! The Hubby was laughing at me. Hmpft! Di na nga ko sinamahan manood, pinagtawanan pa yung maga kong mata. Waaah! Lalo akong sumingkit!

It was easy to fall in love with Leo (Channing Tatum). Yeah, I think I’m crushing on Channing. Haha! Feeling teener lang.

But I could really feel the pain in Leo as he tries to win back his wife’s love after losing her memory, of ever meeting him, in a car accident.

There were too many inspiring and touching scenes and lines.

What I cried most about is when Leo decided to give up and told Paige that it hurts him to see Paige looking at her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy that way. It pains him to know that Paige still thought she is still in-love with Jeremy, he can say so the way she looks at Jeremy because she used to look at Leo that way. Ay grabe! I thought my heart will be torn into pieces. I wanted to reach out to Leo and claim him. Hahaha! Harot!

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