Friday, July 27, 2012

Amber's Idea of an Indoor Slide

The Hubby had a job interview last Saturday in BGC and since we were scheduled to go to Nanay that same day, Amber and I tagged along so we can proceed to Nanay's after the interview.

Plan is for the Hubby to drop us at a nearby McDonald's or Jollibee with a play yard because Amber has been bugging us about wanting to play on a slide.  But it was raining so hard that day so we were contained inside the car in the parking lot while Hubby went in for his interview.

That didn’t dampen Amber’s spirit though. She was still able to play slides with glee inside the car while it rained cats and dogs outside! 

Big thanks to the recliner! ^_^
*sorry for the blurry photos, seemed like my camera-phone went in sync with the stormy-cloudy weather*


  1. Amber has gained weight, didn't she? :) Or matagal ko lng sha hindi nakita because.. Ahem.. Bkit kaya? :)
    Hi little miss! How are you? :)

    1. bakit nga ba? hahaha! yeah, i know... si george rr martin kasi eh! hay naku, read the novels sis, o kaya watch the series, ang bongga! aliw na aliw ako! hehe!

      thanks for noticing sis! amber did gain 1kg in 2 months since we started giving her heraclene as advised by her new pedia. i noticed she eats more now. not as much as i wanted her to, pero at least kumakain na. ^_^


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