Friday, July 27, 2012

I-Must-Go Local Destinations

Since travelling is somewhat unlikely for us for the rest of this year because of so many reasons, which concerns me a lot :’-( , I’ll just amuse myself by making a list (and checking it twice) of where I want to go in the not so near future. So that when the opportunity of local travel comes, I am more than ready with an itinerary! Mabuti na yung prepared!

I’ve been wanting to go there for so long. Why? Because I want to see the tarsiers. In.The.Flesh. I feel like it has been my life-long wish to see and touch them. Ewan ko ba, mashado akong attracted kay Yoda and the likes! Hahaha! I’m glad I was married to my husband who is physically nowhere near Yoda and the likes. Hehe! ^_^

Ilocos Norte (Pagudpod, Vigan, etc)
I want to have pictures with the windmills and the sand dune. Yung pang-poster na pictures. Tapos ipapa-enlarge ko yun, ipapa-frame! Isasabit sa living room ng future house namin! 

I've never been a beach or an outdoor person but hearing so much about how beautiful Palawan is, I’m willing to explore the outdoors!

Para kasing ako na lang ang hindi nakakarating sa Cebu. L

I want to experience its renowned tranquillity. Aside from the fact that I am so amazed with their several honesty stores. Those you just drop your payment in a jar for whatever trinkets you wish to take home. Saka a lot says that the place is really beautiful.

I know that Davao is more popular because of Durian but I'll go there because of their Pomelos. Yes, I’ll drown myself with lots of sweet and juicy Pomelos, and enjoy the wonderful tourist spots... while eating Pomelo!  

That’s it for now. Hmmm, wonder how long before I can cross them out from my list. 8-/


  1. Don't worry sis, hindi lng ikaw ang hindi pa nakakapunta ng Cebu, ako din! Actually, lahat yan hindi ko padin napupuntahan. Sabay tyo :)
    And yes, ang ganda ng background pra gawing Cover photo for fb diba? Hehehe.

    1. sige nga sis! mawala tayo minsan tas libot tayo jan, hehe!
      korek! fb-worthy background ang windmills! naku, kasama na talaga sa pangarap ko yan! hahahaha


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