Monday, July 30, 2012

Let It Snow!

So that Amber can wear this cute Airwalk snow boots that cousin Chloe gave her! ^_^
Isn't that cute? ^_^

I’ve been wanting to buy her a pair of boots before we went to HK early this year because I always find toddlers in boots so adorably cute! But the ekonomista in me thought that it would not be a good buy if you’re living in a tropical country. And for me, what’s not sulit is a no-buy!

Then, came a package with this nice pair of boots. Good thing it has been raining here almost every day so she can enjoy wearing them. The weather can sometimes be very cooperative!

"Thank you, Cousin Chloe... thank you, Tita Tin! Looking forward to receiving that pair of Crocs you bought for me, teehee! I love you both!"


  1. She did not only gain weight, tumangkad din siya :)
    Naku, sis, hindi lng ikaw ang nagwiwish na magkaSnow sa Pinas, kami din :)

  2. oo nga eh, kaso kahit malubog na tayo sa baha dahil sa kakaulan, mukhang malabo talagang dumating si snow, hehe!
    speaking of snow, watch ka na ng game of thrones para may kakwentuhan ako, hihi! you'll enjoy it.


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