Monday, July 30, 2012

The Supposed School Uniform - Fail!

We went around SM Fairview in search of jogging pants that students use in their PE. I thought it would be better for Amber to wear jogging pants to keep her legs from being an inviting sight for mosquitoes and to prevent scratches na din while she runs and plays in school.

After hours of searching, we find these, only in Surplus at P199.75/ea:

Okay na di ba? Although the colors are limited, I was happy about its quality kasi it has linings pa saka the fabric is really nice.

Sadly, Amber didn’t want to wear it because according to her, (1) it’s pangit; (2) it’s not as cute as her other clothes; and (3) it makes her look tabaching-ching.


My eyebrows raised so high that it almost kissed my hairline! Just when and where did she learn about fashion?

And she finds herself looking ‘tabaching-ching’?!? Eh ano na lang si Mommy?!? From now on, I’ll be banning magazines with skinny models in the household! See its effect on my 3-year old? Tsk-tsk!

And oh! She now picks her clothes. She doesn’t wear clothes that she finds pangit and dull. DUH! ;-/


  1. Nagtaka ka pa, sister. Eh halos pareho kayo ni Amber ng style ng mga damit (just an observation). Little girl version lng yung sa knya.
    Susuot niya daw yan, pag bumili ka ng adult size. Hihihi. :)

    1. wahahaha! sobrang natawa ako sa huling banat mo sis. parang gusto ko na nga lang itago yung jogging pants. hahahaha!


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