Monday, July 30, 2012

Playful Weekend

Finally! After several weeks, Daddy was able to fulfil one of his promises to his daughter – to bring her to one of those play rooms you find in malls, I’m not sure what exactly they’re called. ^_^

We can say that Amber really had a great time!

Funny lang kasi all she ever wanted in the past weeks was to play on slides. There were 2 slides inside the room and she never went to play with either of them. Not even if Daddy went up the slides with her. Ewan ko kung bakit.

But she played inside the pool filled with balls and with all the toys around her.

Her favorite part of the play room is this house:

She stayed inside it most of the time. She picked all the toys she liked and brought it inside the house and played there all by herself. Loner ata itong anak ko. L But I hope it’s just because being the only child at home, she is used to playing alone. I’m sure she’ll get over it and will be as sociable as she can be in time.

The only time she left the house was when other kids went to play in there too. She didn’t like that it’s beginning to crowd.

When it’s time to go, Daddy had a hard time convincing the little girl to leave. They even played hide 'n seek...

So Daddy made another promise to go there again next week (hala!). ^_^

~Wonder why there weren't so many pictures to document Amber's first play yard experience? Blame it to Daddy who was still half-asleep that time because of an office activity slash drinking session the previous night. LOL~


  1. Lagot talaga si Daddy if ever :)
    Hahaha. Kami din, we're searching for a slide, khit second hand. Kaso nmn, kamusta yung nkita nmin sa Valenzuela pa and for pick up lng :(

    1. uy, lapit na samin yung valenzuela ah. sana lang may paglalagyan sa min ng slide.
      pwede din, i'll help you pick it up tapos palaro na lang kami sa inyo. ngi, parang ang lapit no? i wish! hehehe!


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