Monday, October 17, 2011

AJTI Entry 1: The Beginning

Since I know that I cannot keep myself from sharing gossiping documenting this monumental event in my family life, might as well make a series of entries which I shall call "A Journey To Independence" churva, also known as AJTI! ^_^

I just hope that the Hubby will be very busy not to have time to check on my blog. Well, not that he always does, he can barely check his facebook page much less my blog. I’m sure he will not approve of my sharing these things. As you would know, he wants to keep things about our life private. Eh kaso, shumu-showbiz ako. Gusto ko magkwento! I’m too happy not to share good things that’s been happening. Kelangan natin magpalaganap ng good vibes di ba? Happy vibes!

So it’s set! We will be transferring to the South of the Metro, hopefully soon.

It has been bothering me that the Hubby hasn’t given me a definite date as to when the big relocation will be. So I asked bugged him about it this morning, hoping that he will not be irritated with my persistence. ^_^

He said, we have to wait until the yaya comes before we set the date of transfer.

May point naman, pero I wasn’t satisfied, so I pushed for a more specific answer.

Then he said around 2 weeks after we find a yaya. He added that we have to make sure first that the yaya is okay.

Oh mi, oh my! That sounds very soon! All I need to do now is to find a yaya ASAP!

Any recommendations? Please? Be one of my Santa Claus this year?


  1. Welcome back!!!

    I'll include in my prayers na makahanap na kyo ng good yaya for Amber. But before that, I also wish you goodluck sa pagsbi sa mom-in-law mo na lilipat na kayo. Hmmmm. Breath in.. breath out.

  2. hirap no sis? if you have a monster in law, problem... if you have a super duper nice in law, problem din pala. haha! thanks, sis... i really really need the yaya now. sana dumating na sha. na-text brigade ko na lahat ng kakilala ko e.

  3. Ay oo, mas problema talga yung latter. But you have no choice but to tell her even if it meant breaking her heart. :(

    Can't wait for your posts on room designs and appliances searching. Mukhang matatagalan pa kmi. At pag ngyari yun, kelangan ko ndin maghanap ng yaya.

  4. jan yata allergic si husbandry... sa gastos ng pag-furnish ng bahay. haha! sabi ko kahit plastic muna lahat ang laman ok lang, ma-feel lang na may sariling bahay. ^_^


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