Thursday, October 20, 2011

AJTI 2: Almost A Yaya

Imagine how excited I was when I read a friend’s text message saying that her kids’ former yaya is available and willing to extend us her services. So excited that when I saw Mama downstairs, I already told her that we have a prospect. That was 4:45 in the morning!

Mama knew we needed a new yaya because Tita Renee wants to take a permanent leave of absence. But she still doesn’t know that we plan to leave na. We have told her of the possibility before she left for vacation but she thought it will not push through anymore. So ayun! Kelangan na lang talaga upuan at pag-usapan ng masinsinan. Hay, courage, san ka ba nabibili??? Next week will be another loooong weekend off, so I’m sure we will not let that opportunity pass without talking about it.

Back to the yaya. On the way to work, the Hubby and I discussed about it. He was willing to go to my friend’s place afterwards to meet the yaya. He wanted to know how old she is so I asked my friend. Bakit nga naman hindi ko naitanong yung ibang details? I was too consumed on the thought that we are already having a new yaya. Thus, we can already plan our moving to the new place!

Friend said 57!

The Hubby paused. A long pause... yeah, for me it was fairly long...

Then he broke the silence by saying, “Wala bang mas bata?”.

That means NO. I know him too well to understand what he couldn’t say. L

He didn’t mean to be discriminating but I understand where he is coming from. He is expecting for someone that is likely to stay with us for a longer time. I don’t mean that people dies at 57 (knock on wood) and the younger ones also aren’t guaranteed to stay but that age would require more medical attention. And I’m not also sure if she could still keep up with the job that is expected of her.

So we turned her down. My friend said she understands. But in her case, she prefers an older yaya to look after her kids because older people are more experienced. They know how to handle certain situations that younger people may panic at. I know but that isn’t what we need now.

And the search (STILL) goes on...


  1. awwww, oo nga naman may point din si hubby mo sis.different strokes for different folks. hopefully you'll find a yaya soon.masyadong mailap ang future yaya ni Amber.hehe!

  2. Ay korek, sis! Mahirap nga pag ang yaya mejo may age na. I understand where your hubby is coming from. Minsan mahirap sila utusan kc pinipilit ung gusto nila mangyari.

  3. @em - un! un din pala ang reason ni hubbiness aside from madami ng nararamdaman. natumbok mo kapatid!

    @joan - gusto ko na nga sha ipanawagan sa radyo at tv. baka hindi pa sha aware na kelangan na namin sha,... kung sino man sha! sana mabasa nya tong blog ko!


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