Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Official Business Side Trip

Hola! I just came back from Festival Mall... official business po iyun. :-P

I attended a seminar carried out by the BIR entitled Year-end Adjustments on Withholding Tax on Compensation. Opo, kina-karir ko na din ang pagiging accountant! Ngunit, subalit, datapwat... hindi ako accountant. Isa po akong "All-around Employee" -- Yan na ang bago kong job title.

This is what happens when the business gets tough. We can’t hire additional staff to do specific jobs. Kami-kami na lang. So we have to be super uber diversified. Multi-tasking to the highest level!

But that is not what this blog is for. I want to share my newest loots for Amber!!!

Eh kasi I remembered that I need to buy her skirts and shorts to pair with the shirts that her Tita-Ninang Tin sent her. Would I let go of that opportunity, eh nasa mall na ako? At... malaking AT... sale daw sa Robinson’s Department Store sabi nung ads nila sa labas. ^_^

So I used some of my official business time to look around and voila! Here’s what I got...
2 skirts and a short! ^_^

I love this! Kung meron lang available sa size ko, I would've bought it too!
Got this at P200 na lang, 50% off.

I find this so kikay. Layers of ruffles galore! Priced at P169. 

Nice the color no? Also P200, 50% off again.

Can't wait for her to try these on!

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