Monday, October 24, 2011

AJTI 3: The House

If everything goes well and most importantly, if the offer still stands, here is where we are going to stay for a minimum of 1 year:

From another angle

Hep-hep! I know, it looks humungous for a family of our size. Kung yung buong structure na yan, oo! Kaso duplex po iyan. ^_^ Here's the side that we will be occupying (fingers crossed again, friends! shall we? ^_^):
There! That's the side of the house. What I like about this house is that even if they're duplex-type, the main doors are facing away from each other. So okay lang, you will still have the privacy that you wish for. Yun nga lang, parang lagi kayong LQ ng neighbors.

This is owned by my Boss. He bought it years ago because he finds the property... cute. Ang sarap ng may pera no? **“Bibilhin ko yang bahay at lupang yan kasi cute!”**.  ;-\

Oh well, ayun nga, nobody lived there since it was turned over to him more than a year ago. When he learned that the Hubby will be assigned in Laguna, he offered it to us at a price na parang pang-association dues lang.

We were excited! Kasi naman, san ka makakahanap ng ganung deal?!?! To think it is brand new! And it’s in Canyon Ranch! Kahit maliit, keri na yun, the place looks great and very private! Sabi sa ads nila, temperature is only 1 degree higher than Tagaytay. Wow, cool breeze, I love!!! 

Sabi nya kasi, mas madaling masira ang bahay pag walang nakatira, eh masakit naman daw sa ulo nya kung magdadagdag pa sha ng girlfriend para lang may maitira dun. PAK!

He added that the amount he asked from us is just to keep us from feeling indebted to him. In a way daw kasi, we will help him naman look after the place and keep it in shape.

Not so bad, huh?!?! It’s perfect actually! *grinning*

The only concern is that I’m not sure if it’s still available. The offer was made a year ago. Maybe Boss had found a tenant who’s willing to pay for even triple the price he offered us. Hay, sayang naman...

So, timing ulit. I need to find the perfect timing when to talk to Boss about it. I’ll tell him that we will be ready to move in once we find a yaya. Hmmm, maybe he can help us find a yaya, too! 

Kunsensha: Weh, abuso na yun...


  1. wow nice to hear that sis,magkapit-probinsya na lang tayo! the place looks good gusto ko yung cool breeze effect.hehe.nice ng pagka-duplex nya.bait naman ni boss mo. :) hope you'll find a yaya soon. sya ang susi sa lahat!

  2. I do hope that no one has bought the place yet. Correct, mas madaling masira pag walang nakatira. More so, mas madaling tirahan ng you know what. I don't mean to scare you ha. But it would be better if you guys have it blessed as soon as you occupy the place.

  3. @jo- korek ka jan sis! sha na lang talaga. pa-hard to get, hmp! ay, sha na talaga ang pinakamabait pag pina-lease to own nya na samin yun. hahaha! kaso, may plans daw sha dun e. :(

    @em- will do that sis. pabubuhusan ko ng holy water lahat ng kanto. naku, takot talaga ko sa ganyan, sabi ko nga, di ko sila idi-dare. maniniwala na ko kesa magpakita sila. kaya sana, wag sila mushado umeksena. :)


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