Monday, October 17, 2011

Recipe: Carbonara Alfredo Ala Classico

When I have to choose between creamy white and red tomato sauces, it’s always hands down for the white sauce, by mile!

So, I tried this Classico Alfredo Sauce that my MIL brought. You can actually use this directly from the bottle, just have it tossed with cooked spaghetti, heat and it’s an instant yummy Carbonara Alfredo!

But to spice it up a little (and for an extra effort ^_^), I prepared my breakfast yesterday this way:

- Sautee minced Onion in Butter. I didn't put garlic anymore since the sauce is already flavored with roasted garlic.
- Add sliced Button Mushrooms.
- Add in the Classico Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce, I used up 1/3 of the bottle's content. Season with Salt and Pepper. Let it simmer for a while.
- Toss in cooked Pasta.
- Serve with cubed Chicken Nuggets to add texture.

So creamy! It would have tasted better if there are bacon bits but we have none available at that time so I have to settle with the nuggets for an added crunch. ^_^


  1. Bakit ko ba natingnan to ng 6PM? Wla pang lutong food for dinner, nagutom nko :(

  2. my 2 most favorite persons in the world wide web! my day isn't complete without me seeing the 2 of you! i'm so thankful meeting you. hay, senti-in-a-good-way mode ako ngayon. hehe! flying kisses sa inyong dalawa... umwaaah!!! lulutuan ko kayo ng carbonara talaga!!!

  3. the feeling is mutual sis,hehe! looking forward sa yummy carbonara na yan,tas samahan mo pa ng iba mo specialty ha? hehe,abusado! :D

  4. Wait ko yan ha :)

    I can't offer anything kc hindi tlaga ako marunong magluto. Unless you guys want my perfectly imperfect sunny side up egg :) Cheers!

  5. ay sige, invite ko kayo pag nakalipat na kami at hahainan ko kayo ng carbonara chuva! gawin nating mini-playgroup for the bagets para double the fun... ayan, dami ko ng plans, bahay na lang kulang. hahaha!

    samahan mo na din ng hotdogs yung egg ha, sis em! ^_^

  6. wow ansaya,napaisip tuloy ako kung ano dadalhin ko "specialty" just in case.haha! di bale papaghandaan ko yan :)

  7. solved na ko sa ginataang shrimp! haha! nagrequest talaga!


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