Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Well-behaved Amber

Mama can’t get over telling me how well-behaved Amber is. She is really happy to see that the little girl is very polite and well-mannered at her age of 2 years and 4 months. Well, I feel proud but I should not take all the credits, Tita Renee has been a very big help!

Except for the occasional tantrums, which can easily be subdued, I can pretty much say that she is indeed a very good kid.

Mama has been away for 6 months. It seemed like a very short time but long enough for a child to grow and develop. When she left, Amber can only say a few words. She is surprised at how talkative the little girl has become.

She told me that yesterday, when a delivery guy came to deliver the drinking water, Amber told him, “Thank you po... thank you!”.

Last Sunday, Mama’s sister, Tita Let came for a visit with a toy for Amber. She kept on thanking her for the present. When Tita Let was about to leave, Amber even went outside to send her off, she waved at her and said, “Ba-bay Tita Let, ingat po. Ba-bay! See you again.”. Tita Let was just very happy hearing Amber like that.

I hope and pray that she grows up to be a very nice person and that she remains to be as pleasant and well-mannered. ^_^

Happy & proud Mommy,


  1. We love kids who are well behaved and well mannered. At a young age, Akira was exposed to some "not so well mannered" kids :( It hurts to see your child being bullied even by her own cousin, sometimes. But I guess there comes a stage tlaga in a toddler's life na nagiging ganun yung bata, no?

    I'm happy to know that Amber's mabait. Kita nmn sa itsura :) And I hope na pag nakalipat kayo, she could be friends with Akira :)

  2. amber has her moments of uncouthness din naman but more often than not, nadadaan sya sa usap. i worry too that her personality might draw bullies towards her kasi nga mukhang hindi lalaban.

    i feel you there sis. ganyan talaga takot ng parents, either that your kid becomes the bully or be targeted by bullies. either ways, kelangan talaga ng masusing paggabay natin. one of the pains of parenthood! ^_^

    i would really love our kids to be friends. sana nga magkaron tayo ng playgroup no? hay, i can't wait na makalipat! di ko na lang mushado iniisip (weh?) para di mainip.


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