Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wooden Learning Toys

Sharing Amber’s toys which I can say, have helped a lot in the development of her motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Numbers and Shape/Color Peg Puzzles
I wasn’t expecting too much when I bought her these when she turned 1, but just to have something that would keep her busy within the day. But I was surprised that she already knew how to put back the pieces in their proper slots by the end of the day. BIG THANKS TO TITA RENEE FOR THE PATIENCE IN TEACHING AMBER.

#5 is MIA! :(

She can also say the numbers, shapes and colors as she fits them into the puzzle slots. For a price of PhP129 each board, learning is so affordable ha! ^_^

Letter Blocks
These were given by Nanay. Ayaw patalo ng Nanay ko, kelangan daw may ganito si Amber because they were a big help in my learning years as a toddler. Talagang ginalugad nya ang palengke ng Alabang para hanapin tong mga to, only to find out that they were conveniently available naman pala in any National Bookstore branches. Wehehe!

Kaya lang ang liliit na nila. What I had before were like 2x2” solid blocks na ang bibigat, ate! Well, I guess these are better. Size is enough to fit in Amber’s teeny-weeny palms.


  1. Ay naaalala ko din solid blocks na yan nung bata ako.what we bought for Xian before eh plastic blocks.mas maganda pa din talaga pag made of wood.

  2. korek sis. mas may weight kasi sha? gaan kasi nung plastic blocks. ewan kung san galing yung concern ko about weights. may kinalaman ba naman yun sa letters? hehe!

  3. Now i know where to find those blocks, thanks sis! I guess hindi tlaga ako swerte sa Booksale wla kc dto nung Alphabet cards.

  4. pa-hard to get pa pala yung alphabet puzzle cards na yun ano? bigla ko na-miss ang booksale. hay!
    oo sis, dami pala nung blocks sa national bookstore, even letters & numbers ref magnets, meron dun. nagpahanap pa ko nun dati sa bayan ng nova, meron pala sa kanila.


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