Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dressy Amber

She was very excited seeing a smaller Minnie Mouse in Mama’s luggage that she can’t put it down even just for this picture. L

I wanted to take her picture pa naman sana wearing these dress and sandals that her Tita-Ninang Tin (Hubby’s sister) gave her.
She loved the dress, Tita Tin. Thank you!

Hmmm, I really should start buying her dresses. If you could only see how she was modelling around while swaying her skirt (and holding Minnie on the other hand), oh my gosh, ang arte! Anak ko ba ito?!?!


  1. kyoooot! :) kelangan talaga kasama nya sa photo op si Minnie kase pareho daw sila naka-dress.go and buy her lots of dresses and skirts na sis. mini dalaga na ang Amber girl :)

  2. Ang kyoot! more dresses for the cute baby girl :)


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