Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Evolution of Video Formats

The Hubby’s mention of Betamax last night led me to this entry.

Younger generations might just know of Betamax as the street food made of grilled coagulated chicken blood in a skewer. Hey, I’ve tried this once in my life and it wasn’t at all that bad. It’s surprisingly flavorful! But that was it, I will never have the courage to do that again.

Ok, back to the video formats...

I have so little recollection of Betamax as I was very young or wasn't even born yet when it gained popularity. I just recalled the elders enjoy watching a movie from a “Betamax”. I don’t even know what is that they are calling Betamax. So for the young ones, here's how a Betamax Tape looked like...

After that, VHS...

Then Laserdisc, which I never had the chance to meet. It wasn't as popular as it’s succeeding formats. Probably because of its size?

What came close to our hearts, the VCD.
A CD (right) compared to a Laserdisc (left)

Then it’s higher density version, the DVD...

Now comes the Blu-ray Disc...

There must be tons of formats and different versions that came out in between but these are the ones that I am familiar with. I’m not a techie person so to speak so I can't really give specifics about each of them aside from what is already obvious. ^_^

It’s just fun to run down the different video forms that I’ve lived with. Makes me feel quite old! 


  1. haha,I suddenly remember our old betamax.tipong lilinisin muna yung tape na makailang ulit bago isalang kase pag madumi,goodluck sa panonood. those were the days,hehe! lucky talaga mga kids ngayon :)

  2. youtube generation na sila ngayon. wala ng bala na may ka-partner pang kotseng kulay pula na pang-rewind! hahaha!

  3. Ay korek, alala oo nga yung kotseng pula na yun. Pero samin, itim. At in fairness, buhay pa cya hanggang ngayon :)


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