Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun DIY: Amber's Birthday Cake Decor.

Ladies and gentelmen, my DIY cake decor...

About the cake muna. Nope, it's not my own. Hindi keri ng powers ko ang baking no! It's by my college friend, Miggs' wife. Cake is uber yummy. It's a double layer chocolate moist cake with chocolate filling and marshmallow icing! I requested it to be just plain (because I'm going to decorate it myself) with a generous amount of chocolate filling, which I think is the reason why the top layer slid when we transported it home (our fault, we didn't lay it flat on the car seat). It came na pala with the star-shaped sprinkles which perfectly matched the decors. The filling was really thick! It was melted and dripping when we cut the cake. It made the cake sinfully yummy! Their carrot cake is also to die for, ang sarap talaga! In fact, I ordered a mini-carrot cake aside from this (mini lang kasi diet-dietan ang lola). Even my Nanay (who is not a cake person as she says) and SIL gave their 2 thumbs up! :-)

Because I rarely see designs that I like and that ordering a custom-made topper would be really really expensive, I decided to decorate the cake myself! It's fun and I get to practice my rusty artsy-artsy once in a while. Kaya lang, when I got the cake, I realized that I should've made the characters bigger. Kasi naman, I have printed and cut them already without seeing the cake yet. Ayan, ang liit tuloy. Parang hindi tuloy feel ni Minnie mag-party. Anyways, now that I know how a 9" cake actually looks like (not that I don't know yet, humahanap lang ng excuse), I won't commit this mistake again, pramis!

For those interested with the yummy cake, you may inquire with:
Gene Pearl Estrella of iTreats
Tel# 418.0500/ 218.8709

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