Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello Bon Chon’s Chicken!

I had the chance to dine at Bon Chon last night. I have been looking forward to the experience since I’ve read so many good raves about this chicken. So when the Hubby asked me if we could just meet at Megamall after work, I instantly thought of Bon Chon. ^_^

As expected, the place was jam-packed! It’s just too crowded. They “over-maximized” the use of the space to the point that you can already chat with those occupying the table next to yours. Good thing there was a table that has just been vacated. The Hubby occupied it while I order.

I ordered Soy Garlic Chicken Chop Ricebox for the Hubby (who always prefer chicken fillets over the regular chicken cut, ayaw nya nung mabuto) and a mix of Soy Garlic and Hot & Spicy Drumsticks Ricebox for me. P145 for each order. Price is reasonable enough, the Hubby said. Those already come with Iced Tea that I upgraded into a large size for just P15. I also ordered French Fries for the side dish at P45. See, mura talaga no?

So eto na... moment of truth. I first tried the Hot & Spicy Drumstick. Hmmm, it tasted of hot sauce! It’s like the regular fried chicken that was basted with hot sauce. I preferred the Soy Garlic, which is the regular flavor, over the Hot & Spicy flavor. The chicken has a crunchy-crispy coating, which tastes of honey to me.  

Honestly, I find the chicken overrated. Or maybe I had set my expectations too high. Or maybe Bon Chon Chicken is best when eaten just as it is, yung papapakin lang. Kasi with rice, the taste becomes bland. So I told the Hubby I’ll order a Small-sized Chicken Wing naman for take-out next time.

The fries and iced tea, I both like! ^_^

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