Friday, June 17, 2011

Let me take you to a trip

I’ve been commuting to work for 2 days now because the Hubby had to attend a convention in Baguio since Wednesday.

Let me share with you my experience in the field of commuting. Commuting is not a new thing to me. But today is a different story because I’ll be coming from Novaliches, the farthest northern side of Caloocan, all the way to faraway Alabang! To where I’ve been working since my dalaga days, in the office that is just 15 minutes away from where I used to and my Nanay still lives.

Ang lapet ng pinag-migrate-an ko noh!? At least they're both in Metro Manila if it's for any consolation.

On the first day, I left the house at 6:50AM. Walking to the village’s gate just took me less than 5 minutes. The FX terminal is just a walk away from the gate but I still rode a jeepney dahil mainit! The FX left the terminal at 7:15AM and arrived at the North Edsa MRT Station at 8:25AM. Box-office hit na naman ang MRT, as usual during rush hours. At 9:15, I was already in Ayala, Makati where I took a bus to Alabang. My trip to Alabang is already fast, thanks to Skyway! I still had to ride a jeepney from where the bus drops me to our office building. Got in the office at 9:45AM. A 3-hour trip, the “normal” heavy traffic included, whew! Wonder if I can survive that if I have to do that every freakin’ day.

And oh, the total fare costs 104 pesoses! One way lang yun ha!!! Isang meal na yan sa McDo ah!

I decided to try a different route today because yesterday, I was caught up in a very heavy traffic in the route that I am more familiar with. So I followed the instructions that my SIL gave me via Novaliches Bayan. But it has no difference. I got to the office just 10 minutes earlier but I had to walk my way to the FX Terminal because the vehicles going there aren’t moving anymore and everybody else was already walking. The fare though is 10 pesos less. Bayad na siguro yun sa paglalakad ko!

On both days, I dreaded commuting! Ang layo naman kasi, friend! I don’t mind commuting, been doing that almost all my life. And I prefer that than driving, which is also exhausting! Pero ang layo naman kasi talaga noh!

Leaving early (very early!) is no fret because we’ve been doing that everyday eversince the Hubby’s work was relocated to Canlubang, Laguna. Opo, the Hubby travels to Laguna everyday after dropping me off to our office. Imagine the time that we’ve been putting in our travel everyday?

Maloka kayo! (Kasi ako, matagal na!) ;-P

I wish we can push through with our plans of transferring to somewhere in the south. It will definitely save us our precious time and efforts.

I hope my MIL won’t get me wrong. I’d love living with her because she spoils us a lot but exhaustion is getting into our nerves sometimes. It feels weird that we spend more time in the roads than in the house with our daughter. L

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