Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 14 Challenge: Things you love

My cute lappy-toppy.

I am not the techie type of person. I've never been very particular with the gadgets that I use, which often than not feature only the basics. I don't mind having all the nicest features but I get sawa easily then after that I'll feel bad about buying something that I cannot maximize the use of.  

Ok, I'm guilty of being a pleasing-to-the-eye-type of person. Basta maganda sha, pikit-mata na lang yung price then I'll justify later. Hehe. So when I was scouting for a notebook and saw this...
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It was love at first sight! Even if people says it's slow, I don't care. But with the upgrades that the Hubby did for it, it's now perfect for me!

Teddy & Mimi (Minnie).

Amber's cuddly and huggable playmates/toys. I love them because they keep Amber company. Sometimes I get jealous of how she treats them. She kisses and hugs them without hesitation. But I'm also thankful because we can control the onset of Amber's tantrums just by making reference to them. She gets easily distracted at the mention of their names then she reaches them and hugs them. That makes life peaceful for us!

Our comfy bed and pillows.

I look forward to lying there every night! I'm glad we have upgraded our bed already. It's more spacious this time even with Amber sleeping with us and occupying half of the bed. 

Side kwento: Several times, I woke up because of a slap on my face finding out that it's her foot. I didn't bother to wonder anymore how she was able to turn 180 degrees even if there is not enough space for her to move that way. Haay, toddlers!

My symbols of an everlasting love and commitment.

They are often taken for granted. Hence, the scratches! But I adore them, I love them. They symbolize my acceptance to a lifetime of love and commitment to the man I love and chose to be with for the rest of my life!  

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