Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Boo-boo

This really deserves an entry of its own! Pinasakit nito ang ulo ko e. I’m naturally not pikon (well, it really depends on the situation and the level of provocation) but what happened yesterday made me really really asar-talo!

I was supposed to open this account on the exact date of Amber’s birthday. I was really fussy about the initial deposit being posted on the same date as her birthday. I even made sure not to forget her Birth Certificate the night before and kept on reminding the Hubby to remind me about the BC.

Before I went inside the house, I even tied a string around my finger so I would remember (based on experience, it works!).

I did bring her BC but when I got to the office, I learned that it was our Marriage Contract that I brought. So kaka! Bakit kasi magkasama sila ng lalagyan?!?!

What’s worse is that I even made a photocopy of it the moment I got to the office. Ni hindi ko pa rin napansin! Magkamukha naman talaga kasi sila! And found out that it was not the BC when I was about to proceed to the bank. So kaka talaga!

Calling the hubby didn’t help! Ang lakas ng tawa, grabe! Kainis lalo! He said that even his officemates asked him what was he laughing about dahil sa bigla nyang tawa. He just said daw, “Wala, ang cute kasi ng asawa ko.”, buti naman ganun ang sinabi. I will not take anymore pang-aasar from his officemates that time. Or else, i’ll declare WWIII!

So ayun, a day later tuloy yung initial deposit. Haiz! So kaka of me!

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