Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 11 Challenge: Nicknames you have and why

Bunay- this is used by Ate Gay and the namesake of this blogsite.

Coolanie- the other meaning of the word may be unpleasant but I like how my sister Noemi says it. It's... cool! ^_^

Lanz- my office name.

Labs- this is the tawagan of our highschool barkada.

Bok- this is what my friend Alma and I call each other.

Melanya- pag mainit na ang ulo ng nanay, tita at tito ko sakin.

And just plain Lanie to everyone else.

Ah, meron pa pala...

Ganda- to Kuya Rey. Haha! I’ll never know what good I have done to him to deserve a very nice nickname. ~Asus, pumapalakpak ang tenga!~

But they're all me,

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