Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Day 1 Blog Challenge

Day 1 challenge says A recent picture and 15 facts about you. This is sooo easy! Who else can I talk about best than me, myself and I, right? Ok, vain much! Allow me to begin...

My very recent picture. With me is my mini-me!

15 Facts About Me:

1.        I don’t eat Bagoong. Not that I’m allergic to it, I just don’t like it – the taste (yes, I tried it before and puked right after), the smell and everything about it! In fact, I was so maarte before that I do not eat in the same table as somebody who is eating bagoong. I have matured now and accepted that I belong to the 0.01% that hates it so I learned to share a table with the bagoong. Basta, deadma na lang sa kanya.

 2.       I want to do things alone or with the least help if I really needed help. Effect of an only child siguro. I remember my Nanay’s kwento when I was still in Kindergarten, I try as much to do my assignments by myself. I always decline if they offer me any assistance. There was even one time when they insisted on helping me, I just said daw that I have to do it myself because I’m the one who is going to school (oh, ang taray di ba, nagpapaka-self-reliant!).

3.       I used to draw and I’m good at it! Basta may connect sa arts ang project, I always get high grades. Even after I graduated and was working already, I kept a sketch pad and draw whenever I feel like it. Dun ako nare-relax. Used to kasi I do not draw anymore as often as I did before. I don’t even know where my sketch pads are. I wanted to hone that skill by enrolling to art classes but I didn’t give time for it. I regret! Maybe someday, I can pursue it again or if my daughter finds interest in it, we might draw together. I hope I haven’t lost the skills yet.

4.       I have a very sweet tooth. Who else does not?

5.       Mountain Dew is my favourite soda in the world! It was the first soda that I ever tasted when I was still a little kid. I kinda missed it when Pepsi stopped producing it. I thought I was addicted to Coke but when Pepsi re-launched Mt. Dew, I have found again my first love. Our romance was rekindled! Babush na sa Coke!

6.       I used to enjoy gory films, the likes of Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc. I used to hate happy endings, I enjoyed tragic films instead. Ano ba ang psychological explanation dun? But now, gory films make me cringe. The only unpleasant movie that I can bear to watch is about zombies (ito ay dahil sa impluwensha ng mahal kong asawa). Maybe motherhood had me mellowed. Or am I really aging that I’m afraid my heart can no longer take those horrifying scenes?

7.       I started working at age 17 (hope DSWD will not go after my former employer). It’s the regular work ha. Not the contractual type. Stayed in that multi-national company for 4 years, mind you! I was a self-supporting college student back then. That makes me proud!

8.       I enjoy reading Danielle Steel’s books. I think I must have 3 dozens (or more!) paperbacks at home.

9.       I have worn my hair long since I can remember.

10.    I dreamt of being a flight attendant when I was a little girl. I wonder why I didn’t become one? Di daw kasi ako marunong lumangoy. Di naman kasi cruise or cabin attendant yung gusto ko no! Flight attendant. So they should have asked me kung marunong ako lumipad di ba? Ang labo!

11.    Growing up, I was so careless about myself. I do not use sunblock, lotion, moisturizer, even deodorants. Wala lang, I just comb my hair after I bathe and yun na! The only arte I knew then was putting lipstick on. As I grow older, I realized that having a skin regimen doesn’t necessarily makes a person maarte. It should be a part of how we take care of ourselves together with having enough sleep and a nutritious meal.

12.    I don’t get big and heavy even if I eat like there’s no tomorrow. Well, that was before I got pregnant. After I gave birth, everything got big! Now, I have to watch what I am eating as I am still struggling to fit in my old clothes. You see, I don’t want to buy new clothes. I want to be able to use my old clothes again, then I’ll be happy! And perhaps buy more clothes of that size?

13.    I want to learn how to cook or bake or both. I’m contemplating on enrolling in a culinary class. But I really can’t stand the heat of the stove. The heat is making me snappy. So wag na lang kaya?

14.    I want to design clothes and cute hairpieces and learn how to make them.

15.    And lastly... actually, there’s still a lot more but since I’m constraint to only 15, sige na nga, this is the last (hihirit pa? pasaway?), little things that my daughter is learning to do make me uber happy! Seeing my hubby and little girl playing around and hearing them laugh make my heart melts with joy. I am the happiest when they are happy. 


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