Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Lunch Out

Back from lunch! It’s our boss’ birthday today so he treated us out for lunch. We went to Zong in Westgate, Alabang.

This is the only picture that I took of the place. Medyo gutom na kasi so I was only focused on what we will be having for lunch. Hehe! I just took a quick shot when we were about to leave.

Even the food, I wasn't able to take photos (Haaay! I have to get used to this photo-taking for my blog's sake!). Anyhoo, here are what we ordered (pictures are taken from their website):

Crispy Tausi Chicken
I liked their Crispy Chiken Tausi, which tastes more like a chicken chicharon to me. ^_^ The meat was thinly cut and fried to a crisp. The sauce didn't taste of tausi though. I just wonder why my officemate said that she finds it a bit chewy and not crispy.

Beef Curry in Claypot
This, I didn't enjoy much. I still go for the Filipino-style curry. The potato looked and tasted raw. :-(

Sauteed Spinach with 2 Eggs
Not a fan of this dish, either. It's too slimy for me. And the taste of the egg is so overpowering! I could have taken it if it was dry and not soupy.

Singapore-style Fish Fillet
Another favorite. Fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce is my must-order dish in any Chinese Restaurants! Zong didn't disappoint me when it comes to this dish. I think I must have had 4 helpings of this.  

We also ordered Hot and Sour Soup and Yang Chow Rice. Overall, the foods were filling and the taste was okay. I might give it another try because I wasn't able to order their XO Stir-fried Cuttle Fish which looks appetizing!

And may I just comment on their seats? They are so uncomfortable unless you are seated on the side where the wall is. They have this bench-type seats, no back rest/support! :-( 

Nevertheless, we left the place with our tummies full. Haberdey, Boss J! (burp!)

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