Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tutoring A Toddler 101

While preparing for work this morning, I overheard Tita Renee and Amber’s discussion (yes, the little girl is already awake at 5AM).

Tita pala is teaching Amber how to pronounce DORA the correct way. Because as of now, to Amber, Dora is Lala and Spongebob is Babab. And since Dora is the easiest to pronounce between the two (or so we thought), Tita started with Dora! Here’s how their dialogue went:

Tita: Amber, say Dora.
Amber: Lala!
Tita: No, it’s DOOO...
Amber: Do... (correct naman!)
Tita: RAAAA...
Amber: Ra... (check ulit!)
Tita: Do-Ra.
Amber: La-La!!! (ngi! then flashes her wide grin)

I think they must have repeated this a few times pa until...

Tita: O sige na nga, what’s your name na lang?

Hahaha! Di ko mapigil matawa! Give-up ang tita.

Btw, this is our Tita Renee. She takes care of Amber when Daddy and I are working. 
She is actually one of the Hubby's aunts from his father's side. We feel comfortable leaving Amber with a family member. It makes us worry less. ^_^

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