Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 9 Challenge: Pet peeves

-When someone borrows my things and doesn’t care about them. I’m not the most maayos and masinop person in the world but at least I take care of my things so I expect borrowers to do the same.

-When I see misused apostrophe+s (‘s). I might be committing this mistake at times unknowingly. But I try to be super careful in using my apostrophe+s.

-When people cancels appointments, however early the cancellation is especially when I already made plans what to wear, what time to leave, etc., etc.,...

-Pag may sumisingit sa pila. Grrr talaga!

These, I think are the most that get in my nerves. The ones that instantly get me irritated. Others, I just let them pass. I try not to be affected na lang and think of the wrinkles that they may cause me.

Happy Monday, friends!

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