Friday, June 03, 2011

A movie date, not!

The hubby and I wanted to have a movie date tonight after work so I checked out the latest movies in our preferred cinema. Now showing are:

 And boom! Here's what I like to watch:

I've seen all X-Men movies so I definitely will not miss this one! So excited that it's already out in cinemas.

Then I thought, since today is its first day of showing, we have to expect long lines on the ticket booths. I asked the hubby if we can just purchase the tickets online thru Sureseats, to which he agreed. But I need to register first because this will be my first time to buy movie tickets via Sureseats.

Register... register.. fill-out... fill-out. Then I have to send an SMS to this number to activate my account. Ok, text-text... wait for the response... 10 minutes... 20... 30... 1 hour... lapit na ko umalis ng office... wala pa rin! Anak ng soya bean curd! Gano ba katagal bago ma-receive yung activation keys na yun?!?

Hay! I give up. I'll see you some other time X-Men: First Class. I don't want to wait in the long lines kasi, saka na lang kita papanuorin! Hmpft!

Uuwing luhaan,

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