Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I heart these birds!

I chanced upon a TV show that talked about penguins and they really intrigued me, I tell you.

Reminded me of the movie Happy Feet (I love this movie!). The movie had already given me an idea how adult penguins bring their chick to the world. But the TV show that I’ve seen gave more interesting facts!

Do you know that it is the daddy who sits or keeps the egg between his legs until they hatch while it is the mommy who hunts for food? Baligtad no? And yes, they are monogamous by nature. Pretty much like a human must be (not the egg-sitting! the monogamous part, I mean)! They also lay one egg at a time, most species do. Some has 2.

Daddy keeps food inside his mouth enough to feed the little penguin for 4 months. Before they run out of food, mommy will come to their rescue!

Then, very carefully, daddy will transfer the baby penguin between mommy’s legs to keep it warm. They have to do this quickly as the baby penguin might freeze to death.

After that, daddy will now be the one to hunt for food while mommy feeds and keeps baby penguin warm.

Nice noh?

And they also adopt. In the event that a mommy doesn’t come back due to an unfortunate circumstance, the little penguin, when old enough to waddle, squeezes himself in a potential mommy. There are also times that a childless female penguin keeps a wandering chick as her own.

Very interesting! Parang I want a pet penguin! But that means I'll have to have a space at home that should emulate their freezing habitat. Nah, magastos sa kuryente. Let Mr. Popper have them na lang! ^_^

By the way-hi way, meet our favourite penguin of all time...
Mumble Happyfeet!

Awww, he can lull Amber to sleep. ^_^

Fly away! Err, I mean swim away!  

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