Friday, June 10, 2011

Movie: X-men: First Class

Last night, the hubby and I sneaked out for a movie date. Sneaked out because 1) it wasn’t our usual date nights, which we do on Fridays because we are both off from work the next day and 2) we didn’t tell anybody at home that we will be coming home very late. J

I felt guilty thinking of A, kasi she was still sleeping when we left yesterday morning. I thought that if she is already asleep by the time we get home, and still asleep when we leave the next day (that is today), that means she will miss seeing us for almost 2 days. Wawa naman baby ko! I hope she won’t feel abandoned by her parents. L 

To my surprise, the little girl is still awake when we got home. It’s as if she’s just waiting for us to arrive. The moment we went upstairs, she just asked for “dede” then slept right after we kissed her goodnight. Awww, how sweet naman our baby.

Going back to the movie night... we have finally watched X-men: First Class. No thanks to Sureseats, which I blogged about here.

Verdict? Well, the hubby complained about it being very long. Running time is 2 hours and 20 minutes. To those that are not Marvel comic book followers like us, we were able to comprehend the foundations of the principal characters. I never knew that Mystique and Charles grew together.

Sabi ni hubby, madaldal daw pala si Mystique when she was younger. Ibang-iba kasi yung character nya dito as compared to the past X-men movies.

James McAvoy suits his role as the young adult Charles! I love seeing the easy-going side of Charles Xavier before he became Professor X.

I was surprised that Kevin Bacon was there! I didn’t research much about the film kasi. I like him! The posters didn’t give him much credit though. Hmp!

Up until now, I'm wondering why Emma Frost, who is implied to be as strong as Charles in telepathy remained detained until Magneto came to her rescue when in fact, she could've broken out easily given her many abilities. Ooops, spoiler!

Eneweys, like the other X-men instalments, I was entertained.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to review nor evaluate the movie for public reference as the author is not an expert movie critic. Comments are based on personal views and expression. ^_^

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