Friday, July 08, 2011

My First Love

Aha! Me so happy! I thought I’ve lost them already. Good thing Nanay was able to keep them, or what was left of them in a safe place.

They are the reminder of my had-been creative talent. Had-been kasi I have not drawn for ages already. Bakit nga ba? I became busy? I ran out of motivation? Di ko rin alam, basta one day, I just stopped. L

Anyhoo, Let me proudly share with you my artworks. Please pardon the giggles. I’m just so happy that I found a remembrance to my once artistic years and whatever that comes with it. And sorry if the pictures are all blurry as I only used a camera phone.

This is an art project when I was in highschool, my first time to do a portrait.

Not bad for a first-timer noh? We started the outline in the classroom. It became a homework when nobody in the class was able to finish before the class dismissal. The excited me finished the portrait that night. I didn’t sleep until I was satisfied. The next day, my teacher wouldn’t believe that I made the portrait because nobody in the class was able to finish their projects (e, kasalanan ko ba kung hindi nila ginawa yung assignment nila? Porke I was the odd one out, ako yung mali?!? Putek!). I think more than me finishing my homework, the teacher doubts that I was the one who made it (i-underestimate ba ako?!?!). So he asked me to do it again. Eh enjoy ako, so gawa ako uli, not at all offended. Halfway through, he stopped me and said he is convinced and that I can already submit the first one. J

I still did some more portraits out of class. I remember my favorite subject being Ruffa Gutierrez that time (no, I’m not a fan of hers. I just discovered that I find it so easy to draw her face).

Oh, for this drawing, I only used pencil. And the lady in the portrait... I don't know who! ^_^

As I go along, I tried to use a different medium. I experimented on watercolor. I never liked using watercolor as I find it difficult to control. I always end up soaking my paper wet. But after a few more tries, here’s my first self-professed-successful watercolor art:

Then I tried making a drawing that is a little more detailed:

Close-up of the dogs with the little birdie.

Details... details...

I wish I have pursued my plans to enrol in an art class to enhance my humble abilities and learn the technics. CSB has summer art classes but I never find time to sign up. I wish I had.

I plan to have them framed and hung on our future home (err...ok, that sounds like I will not be seeing them again for quite some time).

I haven’t shown these to the Hubby. I think he never knew this side of me. I bet he doesn’t! J


  1. Wow! I wish I had your talent :)

  2. thanks so much, em. ^_^

    wish i still have it, too. been a really long time. ^_^


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