Friday, July 15, 2011

My 100th Blog Entry and I'm Still So Enjoying It!

This is officially my 100th entry! 100 entries in a month and a half?!? Hmm, does that equate to me having that much time?  Naaah!!! Asan naman kaya yung sobra-sobrang time na yun?!? Maybe I just really enjoy documenting every possible thing... “shareable”!

And I also realized that blogging is like eating frozen yogurt, chocolates or watching a movie. It releases endorphins. Gumagaan ang loob ko when I publish an entry.

Para rin shang mefenamic acid. Nawawala yung sakit ng ulo ko when I’m blogging.

Pwede na shang meryenda sa hapon. Instead of getting something to eat during break-times, I blog. Pwede na din shang isama as part of my diet plan to lose weight! Kasi di na nga ako nagmemeryenda!

Isn’t blogging amazing?!?! J

Oh, and para din pala shang drugs... you can be addicted and feel high about it. 


  1. thanks, adrienne! tagay-tagay! ^_^

  2. Congrats! It only means one thing.. Masipag kang magsulat (while masipag nmn ako magbasa ng blogs mo). Hanggang draft lng minsan. Hahaha. Keep on writing!

  3. many thanks, em! i really do appreciate that you find time, or make that you're masipag as you said ^_^, to read my blogs. lalo tuloy ako sisipagin magblog! teehee!

  4. hey,hey! correction lang sis,my name is not Adrienne :) i don't know if it's really a coincident the first time or you knew someone talaga by the name "Adrienne" thinking it was me BUT ever since that's really the name I want for my baby girl in the future so keri na din pero Joan na lang for short.hehe!(nag-explain?)

  5. Oops, so sorry Joan. All the while I thought your name was Adrienne kasi that was the name you go by on your blog. So assuming of me, hehe! I appreciate that you corrected me. Both names are really nice though. ^_^


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