Friday, July 01, 2011

BLC’s New Look

Yesterday was a laidback day in the office. So I took some office time (oops, not a good example I know. Young ones, not to follow suit ^_^) and explore Bunay’s Corner aiming to give it a different look.

Well, I’m no web-expert/artist so I really don’t have any idea how to play around html codes. What I did was just the basic adding of picture. Look at how it turned out...


See how just a simple enhancement affected its total look? And it felt good seeing it looking more personal.

Now that I’m getting the hang of it, I might be changing the header from time to time until I find the perfect header for my baby blog.

May I say that I so enjoy blogging? I should've done this years ago. It would've saved me sleepless nights (not that I had too many. pag stressed lang)! ^_^


  1. hi! droppin' by to your blog. i agree,the second look is a lot better :)

  2. thank you, adrienne. feel free to drop by more often. ^_^


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