Monday, July 04, 2011

Impulse Buying

Defined in as Spur of the moment, unplanned decision to buy, made just before a purchase’.

Exactly what I’ve been avoiding but mega failed to do in the past week!!! Argh! I hate myself for giving in to temptation! @$#&%$(@!!!!

Ganito kasi yun,...

First, Nanay’s TV needs to be repaired. It’s not like it’s already beyond repair. But Hubby suggested that we check the latest TV prices so we can compare. Baka daw kasi mura pa bumili ng bago kesa magpa-repair (may point naman). So tingin-tingin WITHOUT the plan of buying. Titingin lang daw talaga. Eh baket may hawak kaming box ng TV paglabas sa appliance store?!?!?!?! But then the Hubby said, “ok lang para naman kay Nanay yan”. O sha, hands up, I surrender!   

Di pa natapos dun...

Eto ang bonggang-bongga! I liked Fleur’s watch that she featured here. So the inggeterang frog (pahiram ha, mommy fleur ^_^) in me said I’m going to check it out if ever we pass by Swatch. Ayun, biglang parang may spotlight sa store ng Swatch sa Trinoma and it was so inviting that you can’t really resist going in.

Titingin lang ako, promise! Ayan na naman yung tingin! ;-(

The watch looked so much prettier in person! Danda-danda! Me want to take it home. But the ekonomista in me said I should sleep on it first and if I still want it in the morning,-- i should sleep on it again! Hehe. Even if the Hubby gave me his approving nod to purchase it, I decided to follow that overpowering voice in me to give it a night to decide. Yey! I felt victorious when we walked out of the store!

On the way to the parking lot, we passed through Landmark’s watch section. Parang sinasadya lang di ba? Since andun na din and hoping na maumay ako sa mga relo, sige tingin-tingin ulit.

Saw loads and loads of cute wristwatches! Ganda ng Philip Stein with white strap kaya lang winner ang price – 96 kyawsands! Di ko keri, ever!

Then this white Guess watch caught my attention... 
Photo courtesy of
(White po sha, mukha lang aluminum sa picture ^_^)

I think I like it better because it's simpler but it’s way over what I’m willing to spend. Pero I still indulge myself in fitting it. Haaay, andanda! Pero itutulog ko muna ulet. I still refuse to buy on impulse (naks!). Just when I was about to return the watch to the saleslady, Hubby saw another watch from the same shelf and commented on its ivory-colored bracelet, saying it looks odd. Para daw pangdisplay lang yung color and texture. Ambilis nung mahaderang saleslady, she took it out from the shelf and showed it to us. I tried it on since nasa labas na e.

Oh my gulay!!! It blended well with my skin tone! The Hubby agreed that it looked great on me. Gumanda daw nung naisuot ko na (sheeezzz). It’s perfect! Kaka-windang! The impulsive buyer in me has awaken and I took home this beauty:

Huhu! Kaya lang it’s more expensive than the one that is already way beyond my spending limit eh. Umandar na naman yung kahit mahal basta maganda. So kaka, I’m so prohibiting myself from going to malls beginning today!

I’m happy with my purchase but the ekonomista in me won’t get me off the hook. Makatulog kaya ako nito?!?!?

Here is me wearing the wats:

Ang grounded from going to malls,

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