Friday, July 15, 2011

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag/Bayong

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Having this City Ordinance which was implemented on January 18, 2011, makes me proud to have lived in Muntinlupa City.

Muntinlupa City (then still a town) has been my adoptive hometown since I was 6 years old and lived there until just 2 years ago.

Back in the days, when people learns that I’m from Muntinlupa, they would make the follow-up question, “Sa loob o sa labas?”. This is in reference to the well-known New Bilibid Prison being situated in the town. To which I reply, “Sa loob ng Muntinlupa, sa labas ng Bilibid!”. Tamang sagot! I deserve an A+!

It used to look very barriotic. Kasi nga, neighboring towns are already provinces (but are now very progressive in their own rites, di ba Cavite and Laguna? J).

Just look at its business district in Alabang. Where the buildings are now, used to be barren lands full of talahib. I remember that a carnival named Big Bang in Alabang sprouts in this area every Christmas season.

Alabang Town Center (ATC) was first known to us as Alabang Twin Cinemas. It was not a shopping complex then. It was just a small structure that houses 2 theaters, thus, the name.

I have so many memories of how Muntinlupa was when I was younger....

Pero enough of the nostalgia and back to the present times and in this blog entry. ^_^ 

I’m so proud that the city government is doing something for the welfare of the environment and the next generation by trying to make the city plastic-free. Of course, it is not totally plastic-free but at least the BYOB ordinance will definitely lessen non-biodegradable wastes around the city.

I was inspired to do this entry because the Hubby and I did our grocery shopping in Puregold in El Molito last night. Our groceries were packed in paper bags and carton boxes instead of plastic bags. Paper bags and boxes are used if you forgot to bring your own grocery bags, mostly made of canvass cloth material. It was a little inconvenient to carry them but think about the good things that this small sacrifice would do to the environment. Keri na di ba?

Kudos to the people of Muntinlupa and to the officials who made this ordinance possible! I support it 101%! ^_^

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