Monday, November 21, 2011

Working Amber

With the boss’ permission (^_^), I went to the office last Saturday with the Hubby and Amber to print some documents that the Hubby needs that day. While I was busy printing, Amber also made herself busy...

Hmmm, pwede! Okay Amber, you can occupy that chair but only until your ninang gets back from her knee rehab. 


  1. hello there Madam Amber! :) once ko na din nasama si Xian sa workplace ko and enjoy din sya.ano kayang meron sa office ng mga mommy nila at happy place ng mga bagets?

  2. maybe they can sense us all over the place, kasi di ba naman, sa totoo lang mas matagal pa tayo sa work place natin kesa sa bahay. :(
    saka maraming new things silang makakalikot. haha!

  3. Ang saya2 ni Amber :) Lagot ka sis pag humabol yan everyday para sumama sa work :)

  4. Naku ang cute ngumiti ni little office girl. hehehe!

  5. @em- big problem! buti na lang 5 pa lang out of the house na kami, tulog pa sha nun. takas! ^_^

    @anney- thanks sis! feel na feel nya talaga. ^_^


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