Thursday, November 24, 2011

One Evening In A Working Mom's Life

A mom had a meeting last night with her boss, which made her left the office at 9PM. Her Husband went home early yesterday. He said he will pick her up at Trinoma later and he’ll be tagging their daughter along. Actually, had she left the office earlier, she would’ve gotten straight home so that he doesn’t have to fetch her and he can have the rest that he really deserves. It’s not that often that he gets home early anyways. ^_^

Kaso yun nga, inabot sha ng syam-syam!

She was surprised that MRT was still cramped at that time of the evening. It was 9:45PM and she still stood inside the train all the way to Cubao from Magallanes. She thought that she can have an entire section all by herself but not! ^_^

Her Hubby, daughter and MIL (who went for a joyride) was already at the meeting place when she arrived. Since her MIL was seated at the front with her daughter, she sat on the backseat. As soon as she got in, she said hello and kissed her daughter. The little girl didn’t make a move to come closer to her. Mom shrugged it off, thinking that her daughter really enjoyed sitting at the front seat where she gets a full view of the road.

She had to make papansin just so the little girl will glance at her. Pero deep within, naiiyak na ang puso nya. It looks as if her daughter is not too eager to see Mommy after all. That and a migraine setting off, she felt like the world is going against her! Oo na, drama na kung drama! Eh bakit ba?!? Feel nya eh!

A few kilometres after, without a warning, the girl flew to her Mommy and settled herself on Mommy’s lap. Mommy embraced her tightly and made sure that she is comfortably seated despite the bumpy ride. They got home with the little girl still seated on her Mom's lap considering that the little girl rarely and doesn’t almost want to sit at the backseat. Haaay, the Mom's heart is so overjoyed! ^_^

And that’s the story of a working mom that is ME!


  1. awww,very heartwarming.o di ba at the end of the day,tanggal lahat ng pagod basta meron ganitong sweet moment.sobrang nakakarelate sis,except til 8pm lang ang curfew ko and alam yun ng boss ko.hehe!

  2. Aaaw. Daughters will always look for mommy talaga. No matter what.
    Every emotion you can ever feel will be felt once you have a child.


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