Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Back From A Long Weekend Break

It was a long weekend that passed by. At tila nag-long weekend din ang blog ni Bunay! It was a heck of a busy weekend for me that I need a whole day to gather my stories and keep up with my reading list! I promise to blog-hop to my favorite blog sites as soon as I get my hands free. ^_^

For the meantime, lemme share with you how the little girl looked like when we got home last Friday evening.
Her sofabed is so over-used that it looks like
it already needs reupholstering.

She got a little cozy on her sofa that she didn’t come to the gate to welcome us. ;-) She discovered it was more relaxing to cross legs while she sits and enjoys her favorite TV show (and reading her about multi-tasking!). 

Oh, she said "hi" naman pala to us as we got inside the house. :-/

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