Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I'm Aging... Beautifully, I Hope! ^_~

The long weekend off’s over! We are now back to regular programming. Yet my mind, body and soul are still somewhere,... vacationing. Come back you guys, will you? ^_^  

Yesiree, I am a year older this month. Yay! Okay, what does that give me? More wrinkles, more freckles, I’m actually waiting until when a white strand of hair will appear. But nah, I don’t fret about these things anymore. We will all grow old anyways and it’s now just a matter of acceptance. And I have long accepted that fact. Things were way different before I had a child. But now that I do, aging doesn’t scare me anymore. ^_^

On top of everything else, I am grateful that I get to celebrate another year with my loved ones, my colleagues and my peers. I appreciate those who sent me text messages and left greetings on my FB wall even if I didn’t publish the date of my birth. They remembered just as well. Thank you!  
This year, I didn’t give a fuss about how I am going to celebrate my birthday. Not that I put a great deal on it the past years. I mean, I don’t give out parties but I plan where to go to, what restaurant to bring my family to, what we will do that entire day.

This year, I was more laid back. I didn’t even give a thought on what restaurant to go to on my birthday. It was just as regular as any dine-outs I have had with my family and I let them decide where to go, what to eat. Still, it turned out great! Not that perfect, but great! ^_^ 

Primarily because, I didn’t give much notice to things and people that are likely to annoy me.

The gift of maturity! One of the best gifts I got this year! ^_^

Does it come with a lifetime warranty? I’m definitely using it very often. I hope it won’t wear fast enough. ^_^

Hmmm, bakit I still sounded imbyerna? Ha-ha! Maturity na ang peg ko di ba? Echos! Seriously, I’m happy and truly blessed. Thank you dear Lord for the year that passed and I’m looking forward to another wonderfully blessed year and years with my family and friends! ^_^ 

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