Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Remembering Our Dearly Departed 2011: Manila Memorial Garden

It is the Hubby’s (maternal) family tradition to meet at the Manila Memorial Garden every year to visit his grandmother and aunt's resting place. They do that on the Sunday before the 1st of November (because we spend November 1 with Papa). This year was more fun since we have 2 cute and super kulit toddlers that we have to follow closely as they run around the park.

Justin is in fact Amber's nephew. He is the son of the Hubby's nephew, Brian, from his cousin, Ate Bubut, who is the daughter of Mommy Lil, who is Mama's eldest sister. O di ba, parang yung connect-the-ties puzzle lang! ^_^

They, or Amber at least was still very small the first time they met last year. So this would seem like the first time for them to officially meet and it surprised me that they instantly became friends.

Justin is almost 6 years old so he can really carry a conversation unlike Amber who just says "very good!" every time Justin tells her something. I'm glad Justin had the patience to deal with Amber's still very limited vocabulary. He never got irritated and impatient as he spoke with her 2-year old aunt.

We spent almost the whole day there. The Hubby set up a tent which I’m so glad we bought a week before. It was a big help especially for the kids when it drizzled in the late afternoon.

The attendance this year was smaller as compared to the past years but it was still an enjoyable get-together.
The sisters, from L to R: Tita Tess, Tita Let, Mama and Mommy Lil.
The Hubby is at the back with his 2 pretty nieces, sisters Monique and Mariah.

The sisters again with their granddaughters: Monique, Mariah & Amber,
and great grandson, Justin.

With Kate inside the tent and Me.

The Hubby and I weren't able to go with them here because Amber already
fell asleep as we went to this side of the memorial garden where Mama's
 other sister, Tita Mem was laid to rest.

More photos on my next two blog entries. Pasensha na po, hindi kami mushado mahilig magpa-picture. ^_^ I'm having a hard time choosing what pictures to put in here, piling-pili na ito actually. Hehe! Pagbigyan na po, once a year lang ang get-together na ito!

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