Monday, November 14, 2011

Setting Up the Christmas Mood

So it’s really Christmas in the house! We have started putting up Christmas decors. It really made a huge difference! The house is so festive.

Especially when we Daddy installed the newly bought LED Christmas Lights (which, may I comment are just way too pricey! Buti na lang Mama was there to buy them. Harharhar)!
Daddy prepping the Christmas lights as Dora watches

The lightman in action

Of course, she had to participate. ^_^

Before the lights...
After the lights...

Hmmm, Christmas is really in the air!

Even the fishes enjoy the festive ambiance

Happy birthday, dear Jesus!

Ho-ho-ho everyone! Merry Christmas! So says Santa Claus. ^_^


  1. Enjoy na enjoy si Dora while watching the hubby. Nice! Pati sila Mickey are on a festive mood.

    Hay... if only we can get to make our daughters still even for 15 seconds for the camera, no?

  2. walang kahirap-hirap kunan ng pics sila dora ha! hehe!


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