Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Need Space in office space!

We had a little reorganization project in our ‘cute’, as what everybody who sees it comments, office. Quite a challenge as our office is really small. We have dared to rearrange the furniture several times over the years but we always end up to how it has been. We never acquire additional furniture unless we get rid of another. Well, the case is not the same with the employees of course. ^_^

Last week, the boss told me that since most of our staff is doing fieldwork, he plans to let 2 of his staff from the other business use some of the space in the office to become their working area. We have an extra telephone line that they can use exclusively.

So with a little pushing and tugging, we have managed to squeeze in some of the tables on one side. Here are some before and after pictures that I took...

Hmmm, seems like nothing changed! In the pictures, yes. But in real life, we were able to come up with this space that we didn't know exist until now!

We were very pleased. When the boss arrived, he said that we can still bring in a small round table that can be a common working area for our engineers. Ay, akala ko pwede nang dance floor! Chos!

At long last! After 10 years, the office looked somehow... different. I can't still say spacious. ^_^

We also took out our itsy bitsy Christmas Tree... now if we can only find where among the boxes did we put the other Christmas decors and we’re ready to decorate too!


  1. instant makeover sa place, i love the "after photos" mas spacious na sya tingnan.a little pushing and tugging do wonders talaga no? :)

  2. Wow! Pde bko mag-apply jan? Pangpasikip lng ng space :)

  3. @jo- so kaka nga kasi tambak dito, tambak doon ginawa namin para lang palabasin yang nagtutumagong space na yan. hehe.

    @em- waaahhh!!! san naman kaya namin ilalagay yung table mo?!?! hehe!


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