Tuesday, November 08, 2011

B is for Bunay's Birthday Blow-out!

Hello again! This is my second post regarding Mommy’s birthday.

Daddy kissed and greeted Mommy as soon as she woke up.

Daddy isn't really well-known on giving surprises. That's a good thing I think because Mommy doesn't want surprises either. *whisper* But I'm sure she wants to be surprised once in a while. You know how girls are... they often won't admit things. ^_^
So we celebrated by having dinner with Mama and Tita Kate at Racks.

That's how our table looked like. Hurrah for the carnivores!

Bolognese Plater for long life! P420.00

Fish N Chips, P310.00

Ribs N Chix Family Platter, P1,475.00. 
2 large side dishes, rice & iced tea pitcher included.

They had a booboo though... as diligent as they were in taking pictures of the food, no one remembered to take pictures of us! How uncool was that?!

But everybody enjoyed dinner. You can never really go wrong with roasted meat!

By the way, I did mention that Daddy sucks at surprises, didn't I? Here's one big example... I found out that Daddy planned to buy Mommy, as a gift, a book that she said she likes to have but doesn't want to buy. So he went to the bookstore but ended up buying nothing because he can't remember its title. He only trusted his instinct that he will know the book when he sees the cover because he recalls it being beige. Turned out that there were about 20 books with color beige covers in the same shelf. Booooo!

It wasn’t actually the first time. Last Christmas, he also thought of giving Mommy her favorite perfume. But then, he can’t remember the name of the perfume! He probably ended up having sniffles after he had sniffed through the perfume samples in Landmarks’ perfumery.

That’s my Daddy. He blows big time on details. Nevertheless, that’s one trait that Mommy finds endearing about him especially when he embarrassingly admits about it after a while.

Don’t worry Daddy, it’s always the thoughts that count! We love you just the same. ^_^

Happy birthday, Mommy!!! {Ah-lu-lu}...
Hmmm... Mommy is getting good copying my pa-cute pose! ^_^



  1. This post makes me hungry :(
    And yeah, B is for Blow out! Pa-burger ka nmn :)

  2. awww,super cute "Amber post". aliw ako basahin.Happy Birthday sis! ganda naman ng birthday girl na yan,Amber isthatchu? :)

    I know you really had fun on your birthday with your loved ones.eto pala yung sinasabi mo something to celebrate last time, I should've greet you in advance.more birthdays to come sis.God Bless your fab family!♥ xoxo

  3. @em- aba, pwede! b is for burger din! so kaka naman kasing yaya yan e, di pa dumating-dating para makalipat na!

    @jo- tenchu sis! haha! si amber after several years! ^_^


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