Monday, November 28, 2011

Figaro’s Red Velvet Cake

I’ve been so darn curious about this red tinted chocolate cake that I looked for a bakeshop that serves it in slices (of course I can't risk buying the whole cake yet unless I get to taste it first). Then I came across Figaro. Yes, my maiden voyage of a Red Velvet Cake was given to me by a coffee shop! ^_^

Let’s start about what I liked about Figaro’s Red Velvet Cake:
*It’s not too sweet - for my taste.
*They accessorized it with thin slices (or was that finely chopped?) nuts that gave it an added texture.
*There is this thin filling, that I cannot distinguish what, but added sweetness to the cake.

What I didn’t like:
*The cake seems dry and leaves a bitter aftertaste (dunno if it’s supposed to be bitter so pardon me if that sounded a bit ignoramus!).

I don't know if I should be disappointed because I was expecting something exceptional given the popularity it has gained. But what I'm sure of is that now that I know that I can actually like it, I will definitely get one from bakeshops that are famous for their Red Velvet Cake! I'm sure it will only get better! You see, I have to give other bakeshops a try so that I can validate my first experience. Teehee! A good enough excuse, isn’t it? Now, lemme see where to start...


  1. di ko pa nata-try red velvet cake nila,at dahil sa post mo sis parang nag-crave ako bigla!:)

  2. i was supposed to try yung blueberry cheesecake because of your post kaya lang nang-agaw eksena tong si red velvet! medyo dry yung cake nya sis. :-(


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