Friday, November 04, 2011

Remembering Our Dearly Departed 2011: Ever Memorial Garden

For the past 4 years, we always spend the whole day of November 1 in Ever Memorial Garden where Papa was laid to rest.

My only regret that day is that I wasn’t able to take as much pictures of the place. Well, you wouldn’t see much anyway because tents and over-sized umbrellas were spread-out everywhere.

But in ordinary sunshiny days and facing away from the mausoleums, which are clustered on one side of Ever, the place resembles a park where kids can actually run and play. Totoo! Wala sha nung sementeryo-feel. Maybe because I’m too familiar with the place? Until last year, we came here every Sunday after Papa was laid here. Pero mas madalang na ngayon, siguro once or twice a month na lang.

The grass are very well-trimmed saka they are very strict with rules. There is one time that Mama changed the cow grass in Papa’s lot into Bermuda grass. The next day, the administrators called her up and told her that they will take out that Bermuda grass because it is not allowed. Then another instance, we planted a flowering plant beside Papa’s lapida so he can have fresh plants and flowers every time. Mama was once again called and informed that they will be removing it and reminded her about the rules. Haha! Eh pasaway kami e, bakit bah!?

Back to November 1... on this particular day, Ever always looks like a refugee camp! Daming tents! At ang init grabe! For the past 2 years, lagi kami inuulan. We were hoping for that rain to come pero wala, ang init talaga. At 1:30PM, hindi na kinaya ni Mama ang init so she told us to pack our things na. We left at past 2PM instead of our plan to stay there until sundown.

Here are some of the pictures taken while we were there. Shempre bida na naman si Amberly! It seemed that she is the only one who is in a good mood and unaffected of the hot weather. ^_^
Mega-emote sa camera!

Amber with a chocolate beard!

Sanitizing with alcohol.

Todo pa-cute lang.

Join si Mommy sa making-face game! At the back is our Lola, Papa's Nanay.

Mommy copying Amber's posing. ^_^

Mama & Tita Kate
(oopsie, I hope Tita Kate doesn't find this picture of her in the net. Else, she'll kill me! ^_^)

More of Amber

I’m sure some of Papa’s siblings came in later that afternoon, like they did for the past years. So sorry that we have to leave early at di na nila kami inabutan. The sun was a bit unkind that day, it was throwing us rays of fire! ^_^


  1. Ang bulilit mukhang nagenjoy kahit pinagpawisan na cute padin. She really looks like you, Lanie. Mas cute lng. hehehe. Grabe, namiss ko kayo. Ang tagal kong MIA, but hey, I'm back.

  2. i was telling the hubby that amber will look exactly how i look like to day when she reach adulthood. iniirapan lang ako, haha!

    oo nga eh, but it's ok sis, you have to do mommy duties naman kasi. now, that she's ok na, mega-welcome back! ^_^


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