Wednesday, November 16, 2011

House Made of Pillows

I commend the Hubby for being so resourceful and creative especially if he needs not to be bothered by a cute yet very demanding toddler.

Ideas just come out, right Daddy? ^_^

Now she wants the ‘house’ built every night! I may just have to learn sleeping on folded bath towels without my pillows! 


  1. It's alright mommy, anything for the cute baby. This post reminds me of elementary days. I gather around pillows too to make a house for my siblings back then :)

  2. ako naman, chairs na covered ng blankets. ^_^

  3. cutie Amber! atleast di na sya lumayo sa bahay-bahayan nya sis,indoor na. during my younger days sa likod-bahay kami madalas gumagawa nyan.happy childhood memories! :)

  4. buti na nga lang sis at wala kaming backyard. baka nagtayo na din sha ng kubo dun. hay kids! hehe!


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