Friday, November 04, 2011

Backyardigans Did It!

It must be the erupting premolars! I say that’s the culprit why Amber was so fussy the other night! Although the other teeth never gave her a difficult time, I couldn’t think of anything else why she was unusually irritable that she cried a lot. So it must be the tooth!

After another bout of wailing, I left her with Daddy upstairs to get her milk. Suddenly they became quiet. Looked like Daddy already found a way how to keep Amber’s mood up again.

Oh yes he did!

Daddy has awaken our portable DVD player from its long sleep, popped in Backyardigans’ DVD and it surely did the trick! ^_^

She asked to watch the same video the next evening. So until I don't know when, Backyardigans will be a part of our night-time routine. :-(

"Mommy, 'Digans' na..."


  1. yun lang pala ang solution,cute! super like din ni Xian ang Backyardigans, actually that's the theme of his 1st Birthday party. she loves Pablo and Uniqua.

    although he rarely watch it anymore,feeling binata na eh. mga Disney Pixar films na ang trip.hehe!

  2. naks! nag-iiba na talaga ang trip ni bagets ha! hala ka sis, next time, di na magpapa-kiss sayo yan! hahaha! manakot ba? ^_^

  3. Love the songs of Backyardigans. I remember my nephew kc favorite nya din yun. Ay oo, matakot si Sis Jo, bka next time ayaw n magpakiss ni Xian. hehe. Buti nlng though hindi naging fave ni Akira ang Backyardigans. ang hirap kc humanap ng toys na ganyan :)

  4. "she" daw! at talagang ginawa ko pang babae ang anak ko. puyat lang,hihi! o nga baka next time ayaw na nya kiss ni mommy kase feeling binata na sya,wag naman muna :(

  5. @em- colorful kasi sila kaya hit sa mga bagets. but i prefer mickey more. yun lang minsan hindi pwede ipilit ang gusto natin sa kanila. may sariling mundo! oo nga e, bakit ba wala silang toys? calling nick jr!

    @joan- haha! okay lang yun sis. pretty boy kasi si xian e. if that time comes, nakawan na lang natin sila ng halik. hehe!


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