Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bar B King's Barbecue

When you have a husband who doesn’t have an adventurous palate, eating out is simple and eyfordable! ^_^

Just ask him what he wants to eat, no sweat!

When he said he wanted barbecue, we went around Megamall to look for a place with a grill. It wasn’t even 5 minutes after when we spotted Bar B King!

The place is jam-packed but we managed to find a table easily.

There's the cashier. Menu overhead.

The grilling area.

An order of 2 sticks with rice, soup and drink costs P95 only! Not bad, huh? Extra plain rice is free! And most of all... they serve Pepsi products! No further convincing is necessary!

Those tomatoes are a perfect match for the bbq 
plus a spicy soy sauce for a dip! Yumminess!

We got 2 orders, extra stick and sundae for the Hubby and had our Mt. Dew upgraded! All in all I only paid P280 and we were already very satisfied with our dinner. Too bad that some of the foods on their menu is unavailable. I would've wanted to try the grilled shrimp. Hmp! 

The barbecue is tender and flavorful. The Hubby liked it. I did, too! But I still vouch for Lola Ineng’s bbq. ^_^


  1. Mukhang masarap nga ang bbq nila at mukhang juicy din! I try to avoid kanin as much as possible pero pag bbq at mga inihaw can't help but to eat rice.

  2. @anney- oo sis, it's juicy saka the meat is not fatty and malitid.

    @em- naku sis, nabitin ata kami kaya we made barbecue nung weekends... hotdogs nga lang! haha!

    @anney&em- tara, barbecue party-party! ^_^


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